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UPDATE: As of November 3rd, Ames West Side Storage is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!

Ames Storage Facility Open SignOriginal Article…

If you’ve ever taken kids on a car ride, there’s a 100% chance that you’ve heard the phrase “are we there yet?!”, at least once!  And if you’ve ever done a commercial building project, you know that there’s pretty near a 100% chance that things won’t be done by the originally-planned date!  We’re hearing from people who want to rent storage units in Ames every day, asking “can we move in yet?!”

The answer continues to be, “hopefully tomorrow!”  It’s not that it took us an extraordinarily long time to build the best and newest storage facility in Ames…  it’s just the hundreds of little details, every one of which has to be perfect before all systems are “go”!

But…  if you’re thinking that we might be the right match for your mini storage needs, we encourage you to use our Contact Us form right now (or just call us at the number at the top of this page) to ensure that we can reserve a spot for you!  Self storage units are pretty scarce in a college town like Ames, particularly at this time of year, so don’t wait!