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Ames West Side Storage
1515 Florida Avenue
Ames, Iowa 50014

Gross Income: $249,135
Donation 3 Units $ 2,500 ISU Navigators
Property Tax: ($23,512)
Sitelink software: ($ 2,264)
Open Tech ($ 3,639) $250 warranty, $25 live on site help, $10 Sitelink Link (per month)
Mediacom ($ 1,494)
City of Ames ($ 2,554)
Property Insurance ($ 4,000)
Sales Tax ($14,924)
Net Income: $199,248

Rental units: 250 10x20 (76) 10x15 (12) 10x10 (64) 5x10 (76) Outside parking: (22)
Additional rental space Megan Bldg: 1840 sq. ft. now being used to house our equipment (potential additional $$).
Building A, B, C Total rental space 30,700 sq. ft. with additional 1712 sq. ft. to rent in Megan office building

Company +++++
Internet URL name puts us at the top of 3 pack organic Google searches in Ames market
Over 250 customer reviews all 5 Star rating

40 ft. driveways on south and north ends with 25 foot drives on sides and center driveway
Surrounded by apartments, not located in isolated industrial area and not in a flood plain
Fenced, gated, 100% concrete driveways

Gravel driveway site to unload semi trailers on gravel drives; ramps placed on concrete
Door colors give site the CAMPUS look with the surrounding apartment buildings
Megan (kiosk) was the first unmanned storage system in Iowa

2022 email list for next spring already started

Referred over 70 referrals to another facility outside of Ames in 2019, 20 and 2021

Can supply up to date rental information with client list showing potential rent increase
No employees (Megan kiosk)

I cut the grass, plow the snow. Used one tank of gas 2021.

Potential to purchase Story County Maintenance Building which depending on the mix would be another 10-30 units
and more outside parking.

We have not raised the rent on any customers since we opened in 2014 but we have increased the rent 7 times since
we opened and we can supply the list of current clients. Some of our clients are renting at 29% below
our current rental rates.

Another potential rental income source is to require everyone to purchase our insurance. We have chosen not to
require insurance. We offer it only as an option and as a CYA program only.

Mary Stivers
Mary Stivers
Storage Customer

I had the privilege of meeting the owner Steve. Who met with my brother and I not even 20 minutes after my first call with him to look at storage units. He gave a detailed and thorough explanation about the units, how to get in and how to use the system. I feel really comfortable renting from Steve and I look forward to working with him in the future - Stivers Kids

- Mary Stivers

John Tillo
John Tillo
Storage Customer

My wife and I have rented from Steve and Ames West Side Storage beginning in the summer of 2021. The storage facility is clean, well-kept and the customer service is exceptional. Steve (the owner) truly goes out of his way for his renters. It's also very reasonably priced. I couldn't recommend this facility more.

-John Tillo

 Nicollette Jenkins
Nicollette Jenkins
Storage Customer

This was the first good experience I’ve had dealing with storage companies! Steve called me almost immediately after I sent an inquiry and gave great information about their units. The check-in/rental process was super easy and quick too!

- Nicollette Jenkins

 Tanner Sandrock
Tanner Sandrock
Storage Customer

Secure storage with fair prices. Great customer service. 10/10 would use these storage units again!

- Tanner Sandrock

 Kathy Young
Kathy Young
Storage Customer

Best storage company I've ever worked with! Price is right, location is right, and the owner couldn't be easier to work with. Always responsive, always answers or returns my calls and is very accommodating. I would recommend this company to anyone needing storage. Could not be happier with my experience.

- Kathy Young

 Rita Mookerjee
Rita Mookerjee
Storage Customer

Super convenient, easy to manage storage units. My belongings were kept safe and secure through rain and snow. The owner Steve is flexible and easy to talk to. There is a kiosk for the initial check-in so you can get your unit whenever you’re ready.

- Rita Mookerjee

Trey Fullbright
Trey Fullbright
Storage Customer

This is a very convenient and easy-to-access storage facility. Love the automated/paperless rental machine. Clean and accessible facilities along with great customer service! Great facility to use for any student away during the summer.

- Trey Fullbright

 Brianna Burke
Brianna Burke
Storage Customer

We had a problem getting into the storage unit, and Steve responded IMMEDIATELY. He was kind, patient, and solved our issue right away. Thus far, working with Ames West Side Storage has been hassle-free and very easy.

- Brianna Burke

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