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Newest Ames Storage Units | HallwayAfter years of research, months of planning, and weeks of building, Ames’ newest storage units are now a reality!  Here’s a “first glimpse” inside one of the units at Ames West Side Storage, a storage facility conveniently located in northwest Ames, Iowa.

The first thing you’ll notice is how BRIGHT our units are.  The picture to the left is actually an interior unit, but because we have a full garage door opening into the unit (instead of  standard door like the front door of your house), all of the light from the inside of the building spills right into the storage unit.

Next, you’ll notce the steel walls, to keep your storage items secure.  No “chicken wire” up near the roofline, like some other storage facilities.

What you can’t see are the security cameras, underground moisture control, and numerous other elements we’ve incoporated to keep your items safe and dry, in all types of weather.

As the demand for mini storage is so high here in Ames, we have been filling these units quickly.  So give us a call right now, or email us (contact info is at the top of our website), to reserve your unit.