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Mini Storage Self Service Kiosk In AmesWe are very excited to introduce you to Megan!  She’s going to revolutionize how people here in Ames go about renting a mini storage unit.

We should mention – she’s not human.  But she is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and ready to help you every minute of every day (and night!)  She is the “Virtual Ambassador” for Ames West Side Storage – a self-service storage rental kiosk, who can help you with every aspect of the rental process.

We’ll tell you much more about her when she comes out of the box.  For now, just know that we are making a serious investment in order to make Ames West Side Storage the most convenient and hassle-free storage facility in Ames!  If you’re looking for a rental unit, contact us via this form or call us at 515-329-0363.  We’re hoping to have our first units available in mid-October!