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Mini Storage Unit Kiosk | Ames, IA

(Click image to see our automated system in action!)

When you think of self storage units, technology probably isn’t the first thing that pops into your mind.  But we know that you don’t want to waste time filling out paperwork, so we’ve brought the latest technology to Ames, with our self-service kiosk and online registration.  You can view what you would experience onsite when using our “24/7 Rental Station” by clicking here for a demo.  It’s only the second one of its kind in Iowa, and has lots of benefits for YOU…

  • No need to drive to our office – you can check on availability and pricing right now, and within the next few minutes, you can have your storage unit reserved and waiting for you!
  • Want to pay with cash?  No problem – and we also accept debit cards and checks.
  • Need a lock?  Our machine can dispense one to you when you get here.
  • How about insurance for your valuables?  It’s optional, of course, but it’s available right when you sign up.

…  and it’s all automated, so you can do it at YOUR convenience, not ours!  We do require a photograph of you, a copy of your driver’s license, and a fingerprint scan, but our automated system even does all of that!  Click here to see a demo of our automated system, then click here to begin your reservation now!