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Car Storage Units in Ames Iowa“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”  Maybe that explains why so many specialty car owners in Ames love their cars SO MUCH – because they need to store them during the harsh Iowa winters, and only get to spend a few months of the year enjoying their special automobiles.

You have a number of choices for storing a car in Ames – but none are more convenient than Ames’ newest mini storage facility, Ames West Side Storage.  From signing up online, to our self-service kiosk onsite, we make it EASY to protect your car.

As a car enthusiast, you’ll be concerned about whether moisture can get into our self-storage units.  We’ve got you covered, literally from top to bottom!  Our roofing is specially designed to have an absolute minimum of seams and nails, and our concrete floor sits on a layer of gravel – different from many other mini storage facilities (see more).

Security is also important.  We think so, too, so we’ve written a whole web page on the many steps we take to secure our storage units!

Wondering about costs?  Our storage unit sizes and costs are listed here.

You may have discovered that it’s not easy to find available storage units in Ames – and even though our facility is new, it’s filling up fast!  So contact us today to reserve your unit.