Important Information About Our Automated Self-Storage Units

Ames’ Newest Self-Storage Units!

If you’re new to Ames, you may not be aware of it, but there are several low-lying parts of town that experience significant flooding every year or two.  You’ll be glad to know that Ames West Side Storage is NOT in a flood plain, so your items will remain “high and dry.”

We have built our storage units with a rock base under the entire system, which gives the water somewhere to go—not just during heavy rainfalls, but also during the humid Iowa summer days. We’ve placed a heavy plastic coating under the cement pads, which helps keep the moisture from seeping up into your storage unit.

You’ve seen the results of NOT building correctly if you’ve ever seen a sidewalk with segments that have heaved up unevenly. Using a licensed, certified contractor to build our mini-storage units is just another way of ensuring that your stored items remain clean, secure, and dry.

So they’re secure, but is it a hassle to rent a storage unit from Ames West Side Storage? This is where renting from Ames’ NEWEST storage facility really gets fun. You are able to see our inventory of mini-storage units right here on our website, reserve one immediately, and access your unit via our self-service kiosk onsite, no matter the time of day or night!

Naturally, we have real humans to answer your questions over the phone, and we’re there most of the time as well.  But you can do what you need to at YOUR convenience!  See more details about our automated self-storage system here.

Speaking of convenience, some self-storage facilities take a while to clear out the snow after an Iowa snowstorm. At Ames West Side Storage, when the snow is done flying, the driveways are plowed immediately!

Even though this is a new mini-storage facility, we’re seasoned business people, so we understand how critical it is to provide exceptional CUSTOMER SERVICE. You can see the many steps we’ve taken to ensure that you have a pleasant experience, and can move on with the rest of your life as quickly as possible! We look forward to serving your storage needs and hope you’ll be so impressed, you’ll have to tell your friends about us!


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